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Must Before Journey: Travel Checklist

1) Essential Items –

a.Passports and visas b.Medication (if prescribed, take documentation) c.Airline tickets & hotel documentation d.Credit cards and ID (Driving license) e.Foreign currency/travellers’ cheques

2) Hand Luggage –                                                                                      

a.Valuables: camera, mobile phone etc b.Sunglasses c.Books / magazines d.Travel sickness remedies e.Sweatshirt / jumper

3) Luggage –

a.Clothes b.Shoes c.Bath towel d.Waterproof Jacket e.Swimwear

4) Accessories –

a.Suncream b.Toiletries c.Travel adapters d.Jewellery e.Medicine

  • Ensure you have received all tickets and paperwork from your travel company.
  • Upload copies of your travel documents, including passports, driving license, visa, insurance policies and itineraries onto Email or Memory Chip for easy access.
  • Confirm luggage weights and sizes with your airline.
  • Plan your route from home to the airport, ensuring you have all the contact details for the airport hotel you are staying at, and the airline you are flying with.
  • Set a hand luggage for all time necessary items.
  • Reconfirm your flight times at right time or delay with airport authority.
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