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Do You Believe In Paranormal Activities? This is real story reporting from KOLKATA

Anybody believe in paranormal activities or ghost stories?

I believe “The Unknown Power”…

Last one hour I was on call with a distant relative of mine. He is working in W.B Police.

Story is about a place somewhere in West Bengal

We were taking about life and work when the discussion turned to his night shifts.In a week once, twice or max thrice he has to do night shift. Mostly 1 or 2 cases they get at night else there is nothing much. So most interesting topic was “MAAL GHOR” means “STORE ROOM”. Something fishy, where I a big fan of FELUDA detective series by Satyajit Ray. I just took the topic and stretched it to understand more. He said its a torture to do duty at night.

I asked him why?

Then he just kicked off his story.

STORE ROOM aka “MAAL GHOR” is a place where all unresolved cases items are being stored. So all these items are in under litigation. For example fight between two brothers regarding house accessories (tv, fridge, AC and so on). So what police do? They just take the things from the parties and store it to police station store room. Once the case is resolved by court they hand over the thing to the correct person by maintaining legal formalities.

So do you thing they store this much? No never…

Actual list…

1) Used knife in a murder case
2) Burnt person’s half burnt dress piece
3) After postmortem important body parts using medicine as clue

and lots more…

I was just curious to know more… I asked him then did you find something abnormal?

He said nobody use the computer lab after evening 7pm and it is unplugged but still sometimes at night we see monitor turned on and heard sound of keyboard.

I said its just a thought in your mind. Then he started the real story.

He was on duty at night last month. So these guys were sleeping at night on table inside police station as there was not much work. They were only 4 people and randomly they slept over the table. His three colleagues were bit far from him on other table. At around 2.30pm / 3.00pm in sleep he turned side-wise and opened his eyes once. He said he was shocked! Yes he was shocked to see “TWO BURNT EYES” looking towards him.

Now this situation gives me goosebumps and I asked then…

He said he closed his eyes and loudly started calling “HANUMAN JI” aka “GOD”. He did it for atleast 30 mins and after that he opened his eyes and called his colleagues. They all woke up and called the Sub Inspector on call and informed about this. He came back home next day morning and had suffered from fever three days. He took 7 days leave and came back to normal life. Still he continues his job at same place and he called me from there today.

But I was surprised why he called me today night suddenly from same police station.. Our families do not have connection for more than 10 long years..


Is this a warning for me or just a statement…

All these make me thing WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT…

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